Turning Alkaline

My journey through food and nutrition to better health.

About Me

I’m a someone who loves to keep creative.

I love to surround myself with people who are passionate about art, music and movies.

I love to hear people talk about their passions.  I am inspired by their enthusiasm.

I love how sunny days make me feel.

I love my alone time when I can disappear and lose myself in a book.

I love wandering the streets and finding new places where I can watch the world go by.

I love watching the world go by whilst drinking tea.

I love tea!

I love to eat beautifully prepared food!

I love baking and watching my closest friends enjoy my food!

I love making new friends because of our common interest in food.

I love keeping up to date with current trends in EVERYTHING!

Right now, my attention has turned to health and nutrition and this is where this blog begins.

A turn of events in terms of health has forced me to think seriously and to question what I eat why I’m eating it and most importantly, what it is doing to my body both in and out.

I have recently, from April (2012), eased myself into a purely plant based diet.  I have been persuaded from an extensive amount of sources, that, following a predominantly plant based diet can prevent and often reverse an array of diseases from cardiovascular to cancer.  I still have a lot to learn, so I intend to use this blog to embrace and document the benefits of being a happy herbivore.  I am now convinced that turning Alkaline is what our bodies need to stay healthy and give us is the energy to enjoy the things we love.

This blog will be used as a platform for me to try out recipes high in alkaline ingredients and to document the journey to my goal for better health.

I look forward to meeting people who have a similar passion in healthy eating for the right reasons.  I also look for encouragement to stay motivated and embrace knowledge that turning alkaline is the right way to go.


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