Turning Alkaline

My journey through food and nutrition to better health.

Day 2 – Lunch – Tofu, Courgette & Spinach Salad

After my morning exercise (26mins full of burpees, pushups, crunches and lunges) followed by a hot and cold shower, I was more than ready for more food.

I love salads so was really looking forward to this one.

The ingredients: (makes 4 portions)

Cup firm organic tofu (diced)

8 cherry plum tomatoes

1 small yellow bell pepper

bunch of spinach

1 cup of bean sprouts

1 red apple

a handful of mixed seeds and nuts (sunflower, pumpkin and almonds)

1 cup of black beans (rinsed)

1/2 courgette (outer skin peeled)

1 stalk of celery

1 large green onion

The Salad

Simply chop all ingredients in any way you desire then assemble into an appetizing plate of detoxifying amzingness 🙂

With the tofu I drained it using some kitchen towel diced it then added a sprinkling of paprika, Himalayan salt and some ground pepper.
Then, heated a non-stick pan adding a tablespoon of coconut oil.

I then cooked the tofu turning occasionally until slightly crispy around the edges (aprox 3 mins altogether)


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